Saturday, June 11, 2011

It started with a chair...

Is there anything you can't use a Juno quote for?

There are certain wants that fade with time. They are strong, but they are momentary. Then there are those that never go away. As stupid as it sounds, I have one that has only grown stronger since it first set in.

It may be the first inanimate object I ever truly wanted as an adult. I sat in it - no... sank into it - for the first time, and I knew: one day, the Anthropologie Astrid Chair would be mine.

I even have a corner in my apartment cleared for it. Anxiously waiting to be complete. It's been 3 years, and I still can't let go of the idea that I will be able to afford it and have it as my own. Sure, I've shopped for other chairs. IKEA, Home Goods, Urban Home... even Pier1 had a sorry excuse for a knock-off version that I nearly walked out with (a good $1,100 cheaper than my dream one.) But I just can't do it. Some things aren't meant to be settled for. And when it comes to that PERFECT CHAIR, it might just be worth the wait.

If I can still find it, of course.
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