Thursday, November 27, 2014

AFI Top 100: #81 "Spartacus"

Kirk Douglas in Spartacus (1960)

I'm excited to announce that for the first time since I started this AFI Top 100 countdown back in July, I've crossed off a movie from the list that I hadn't seen before! Is there anything more satisfying than putting down that check!? I'm not sure that there is. This very special movie was Spartacus from 1960, coming in at #81. It was directed (for the most part) by Stanley Kubrick and stars the talented Kirk Douglas as Spartacus.

It was hard not to compare this movie to Ben-Hur, which I reviewed at #100. They came out a year apart, and it's rumored that Douglas was inspired to produce this epic after losing out on the part of Ben-Hur to Charlton Heston. He felt he could make a movie about the Roman Empire that was bigger, better, and much more grand—and he absolutely succeeded.

Spartacus is based on a true story about the eponymous character, a man sold into slavery as a child in ancient Rome who is plucked out of the salt mines to train as a gladiator. He has a major attitude problem, and even though he's never known anything other than chains, his instinct to stick his nose up at his owners is far too powerful. This helps him in the arena as he gains the skills to fight, as well as the respect of the other to-be-gladiators.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Parlour Room + Shay's Birthday!

Today, my best friend, Shannon, celebrates her birthday. And this past Saturday, we partied into the night!

A group of us hit up The Parlour Room in Hollywood, a gilded, dark lounge north of Hollywood Blvd. We metro-ed our way there (yes, Los Angeles has an underground metro!), and snatched up our reserved space full of deep, comfy leather couches.

The lounge is glittered with various chandeliers, monogrammed and metallic wallpaper, and candlelight. The back half-outdoor/half-indoor section even has a fireplace! Perfect for these dry but brisk LA nights.

Parlour Room has a generous Happy Hour that runs from opening until 10 PM, of which we took full advantage. 2-for-1 well drinks and martinis (the boyfriend's favorite) were flowing freely, but I opted for the selections on their Specialty Cocktail menu: the Cucumber Cooler called to me immediately. Gin and muddled cucumber with real sugar and limes... refreshing and delicious! The Black Cherry Manhattan may have been the biggest delight of the night, and Shannon considered it a favorite. When the Birthday Girl is happy, everyone is happy!

The birthday girl!

There's something fun about reading a cocktail menu by candlelight, isn't there? Certainly adds to the sexy, party atmosphere. And blurry pictures!

Hi there, from the shadows! I certainly put my new little camera to the test in this non-existent lighting. That was half the fun, though clearly I wasn't so sure...

It was a fantastic night full of well-made drinks, good music, beautiful friends, and maybe some snuck-in Chinese food. ;) I'm so happy to have been able to celebrate this birthday with Shannon, and wish her the bestest real birthday today! Love you sweetheart! Thank you for sharing your night with all of us!


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Saying Goodbye to a Mentor

Today, I part ways with an amazing mentor. I have a job that I love (something separate from writing and blogging), where I have grown a lot over the past two years. I attribute that growth to this person. They taught me so much about business, about my capabilities, and gave me support to actually contribute and grow. Today, he moves on to another company, off to mentor and lead other people who need his guidance.

Admittedly, I'm having a little trouble letting go. It's getting me all emotional and stuff. For everyone else here at the office, it's another co-worker moving on for personal and/or financial reasons—but for me, it's a person I look up to (and depend on?) unlatching my training wheels and asking me to peddle as hard and fast as I can. Come Monday, I will be navigating alone.

Kinda sappy, huh? I don't mean it to be. But it does feel like a daunting task, navigating all this alone. I know it is necessary. I mean, he told me it was. It will only be scary at first—and then it will become normal. Like a kid being left home alone for the first time. The nerves, the uncertainty; the panic when the phone rings and you realize no one is there to answer it but you. Maybe you let it ring and ring and ring without picking it up—only a few times though, and then you get up the nerve, and it's never scary again.

I just want it to get to that 'not scary' part. The part in between... all that uncertainty... it's scary. I'm not too proud to admit that I'm a bit scared at the prospect. I just know that I'll be okay, because he taught me well. I'm lucky to have been under his tutelage, and I hope our paths across again.

{photo via Martin Kenny}

Monday, November 24, 2014

Through the Reels on Facebook!

Just a quick announcement today, and a little self-promotion: Through the Reels is now on Facebook!

Up until now, I'd been posting on my personal page, which wasn't being used for much personal stuff anyways. I started to feel a bit like a spammer, and thought it was time to designate a special little social networking spot for these posts and any interested readers. Now it's happened! Click below to visit and follow along!

Through the Reels is also on Google+, and I post [relatively] frequently on Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter. If you're on any of those pages, I'd love for you to visit me there!

Spread the Reels love! I value all of your support! :)

Music Mondays: Taylor Swift "Blank Space"

You didn't think I'd go forever without featuring a T. Swift song, didja? I just couldn't help it. Ms. Taylor Swift's new single, "Blank Space," off her 1989 album, has a delicious video that is both silly and psychotic.

First, the song didn't originally stand out to me. I thought it was kinda vapid--but apparently, that's the point! Now whenever I listen to it, I kinda can't help but chortle. The video is its perfect companion. Aside from the actual 'story,' I'm really just obsessed with Taylor's Grace Kelly-esque glamour. The dresses are simply to die for, and the setting is very modern-Brideshead Revisited.

Delighted, delighted, what a great video. Even if just because we get to see Taylor take a golf club and go to town on a vintage Shelby Cobra, even if it was all special effects. It looks pretty damn real! Just watch the video and ignore all the side-attempts at commercialism (AmEx companion app, what??)

We may not all need another Taylor song stuck in our heads, but you know you love it. Enjoy!

Artist: Taylor Swift
Song: "Blank Space" | download
Album: 1989
Directed By: Joseph Kahn

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Project Cross Stitch: The Roadblock

It's admittedly been almost a month since I've updated on my little cross stitch project. And I confess: I hit a major wall. It got really hard, and as a result, I got pretty discouraged. There's something about progress I'm discovering... when you can see it, it's inspiring; when you can't, it gets you down.

Up until this point, the progress I've made has been very visible. The pattern has taken shape, the colors have popped, and things began to come together. Once the major, bright colors and the defining outline were complete, the remaining thread options were endless shades of similar colors. I didn't even know where to start. After I completed the goldenrod yellow (which you can see above), I decided to tackle the dark, dark brown. This was a mistake. Why? Because it was almost impossible to discern it from the black outline, which made it incredibly difficult to track what I had done and what I hadn't.

Hobby fatigue inevitably set in.

It got me a bit overwhelmed, so I took a step away from it for awhile. I felt like I couldn't not finish the dark dark brown, since I had decided to start it. The longer I stayed away from it, the more I wanted to avoid it. Now, I realize that in order to pick this up again, I need to stop that color and go with a different one—something distinct and something contrasting. A small break might also have been the thing I really needed. So long as it remained only a "small break"... not an never-ending hiatus.

I do that a lot. Leave projects and never pick them up again. There's a travel journal I started while in Scotland 5 years ago that I got halfway through and never finished. I'm still delusional enough to think maybe I'll be able to pick it up again, like the time away didn't matter.

On this cross stitch, here's just so much more to be done, and even that isn't what daunts me most. It really comes down to trying to decipher the pattern, which is a maze of varying symbols that are frankly INSANE to navigate. It makes my eyes blur to stare at it, especially when trying to find a single symbol in a sea of others.

Aren't your eyes swimming, too? And that's just one of fifteen pages.

So I post this here today to kick my own butt for letting myself ignore this little project so long—and again, to hold myself accountable, as promised. This week, going into the Thanksgiving holiday, I'm bound to find some quiet time with nothing to do but sew. I'll also be staying with my mama, who is an expert cross stitcher, and I know that if anyone can get me back in the saddle, it's her. She might also have some advice for how to keep a clear head when counting stitches until your eyes cross. :)

What about you guys? How are you all doing on your hobby projects, if you're working on any at all? Did you hit any walls, like I did? Or have you finished and moved onto your next big thing?

I've certainly missed sewing. Time for a resurgence!

Friday, November 21, 2014

5 Ways to Find the AFI Top 100 Movies

Since starting to tackle this list in July, I've had quite a few friends and readers reach out to me asking where the best place is to find these films. I figured I'd post something quick that could help anyone out there wanting to follow along weekly or watch the movies on their own. These might be pretty obvious to most, but I did some detective work, which should at least save you some time.

Here it is, 5 ways to catch any of the 100 AFI Top movies:

1. Movie Rentals/Purchases
This can be done in many ways, either through your local video store, or online through services like VUDU, Flixster, or Amazon Instant, ranging from $2.99 to $16.99/movie. A bit too rich for my blood, honestly, but all these movies will at least be available. Not too pricey if you're doing it here or there, but certainly adds up if you're doing a screening weekly.

Then there's Netflix, which features every single movie (I've checked!) on DVD or Blu-Ray, so long as you are paying for their monthly streaming subscription with DVD rentals activated. This is the #1 way that I've been receiving the movies each week, since I already had a membership. It does cost a fee (depending on your terms), but it's been the most reliable way to get the discs without so much as lifting a finger.

2. Online Streaming
For those people with online streaming accounts through services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, or Amazon Instant, this is the easiest way to access movies, though the options are far more limited. As of today, Netflix has 18 out of 100, Amazon Instant has 7 out of 100, and Hulu Plus comes in last with 4 out of 100. YouTube is also a rare option for older, Silent films, but is far from reliable. Even Crackle has some great random options, but free access expires at a set date (i.e. Easy Rider is available to watch until 12/1/14). I've added details to this list here of all the movies accessible by any of these (legal) streaming sites (with direct links!), and I'll try to update it regularly, because new movies are added all the time—and many are taken down!

3. Borrow From Friends' Collections
I also do this a lot. Not everyone has a plethora of movie lovers for friends, but many of these film are very well-known. It doesn't hurt to reach out to your friend with that expansive DVD wall and see if they'd be willing to lend you a title or two. Most likely, they'll want to watch it with you!

4. The Library
It's free. It's easy. They have nearly all of these movies, and they'll even hold the DVD title for you at the desk if you call ahead. This is my fool-proof back-up plan when I'm lazy and forget to mail my Netflix back. Most local libraries have online catalogs where you can search for titles, and baring any late fees, you'll walk away without spending a penny—except maybe on gas.

5. Theater Screenings
The final option is also the most time sensitive, not to mention hardest, to find. The beauty of these movies is they're all classics in their own right—because of that, movie buffs and lovers often come together to screen these bad boys on the big screen, the way they were meant to be seen. Usually a fixture in larger metropolises, like the New Beverly in Los Angeles or the Paramount Theatre in Oakland, it can often be the most fun to track down a monthly or weekly old movie showcase. Check out this comprehensive post from the 100 Years of Movies blog, which pooled together a list of US movie theaters that often screen the classics. It might be a bit outdated, but it's certainly a start! See if anything on the list is playing something near you. :)

I hope this helped a little bit in pointing you in the right direction, that is if you have an interest in tackling the list yourself! I certainly would love to kick the conversation with you all up a notch.

Have a great weekend all, and happy viewing!

{photo via Blue Square Thing}

Thursday, November 20, 2014

AFI Top 100: #82 "Sunrise"

George O'Brien & Janet Gaynor in Sunrise (1927)

This week's movie is a testament to why I'm doing these AFI Top 100 screenings. Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans from 1927 comes in at #82, and it also happens to be the first Silent film on the list. My main motivation for tackling this list was not just to see them all—that's a bonus, really. In fact, I'd already seen most of them, 94 to be exact when we first started. The most interesting thing is watching them again; it's amazing how perspectives changed.

I really didn't want to screen this movie. I even tried to sneak away and watch it by myself. Admittedly, I had a bias against it. Why? Because I greatly disliked it when I was forced to watch it in college. I'm realizing now that might have had to do with it being screened in an 8:30 am Film History class, and I was probably in pajamas. It's a recipe for falling asleep during the 2nd act. I found it boring and silly and had no intention of watching it again, ever. I'm glad that changed.

The movie was directed by F.W. Murnau, and tells the story of a farmer and Husband (George O'Brien) who begins stepping out on his Wife (Janet Gaynor) with a Woman From the City (Margaret Livingston). They are never given real names, just these titles. After only weeks of knowing the Husband, the other Woman convinces him to attempt to drown his Wife.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bijou Park, South Lake Tahoe

Yesterday was spent coming back down to Los Angeles from the sweet, mountain air of South Lake Tahoe. This weekend excursion to the Sierra Nevadas was a gift from my incredible friend Cassie, who—legitimately—won a sweepstakes for herself and 10+ friends to enjoy a cabin in Tahoe, for free!

Yeah, one of those sweepstakes you hear about other people winning, but never believe you ever could. I felt honored to be included in her selected group, so John and I made the looooooong trek from LA to meet up with everyone at our new, temporary digs.

It may not come as a shock to anyone that knows me that I barely remembered even having a camera while lounging about lazily in the cabin. Only when a handful of us came up for air from our hot-tubbing, gaming, boozing fun did I think "Maybe I should capture some of this?"

Not a mile away from our cabin was the expansive Bijou Community Park where the boys insisted on wilderness-ing it up a bit—for them that meant hurling a Frisbee around. No, wait, I'm sorry. A golf disc.

While the boys tossed the discs around, I jumped around on all the stumps and fallen pines, acting a fool. And taking pictures, of course! New camera means testing out all the features—and failing 98% of the time. Why do moving people have to be so blurry?

We trudged through the mountains of pine needles and pine cones, tackling "holes" 10 through 27. The weather report for the weekend had predicted snow, but there wasn't a snowflake to be seen. The crispness in the air suggests some white is just on the horizon, though not in store for our trip, sadly.

Normally I would have been happy to partake in trying to fling around a golf disc. John introduced me to what I considered a silly sport when we first started dating, though my mind has changed a bit. It's pretty fun! When it's frigid cold, however, my little fingers want nothing more than to hide inside the arms of my sweater. Because gloves? Who from Southern California even thinks about gloves?

Sooo I just continued to bug everyone by making them stop moving so they'd actually show up in my pictures. I'm sure they appreciated that, right? I also got distracted by pine cones. Lots and LOTS of pine cones, that appeared seemingly everywhere.

Really, though, I was the guys' biggest cheerleader, commending them for not accidentally throwing the disc straight up into the air or directly into the ground—like me. Or telling them "It happens to everyone," when they inevitably did.

The weekend was altogether too short, too long, and fully revitalizing. I got to take the time to visit with good friends who I don't get to see often enough.  I wish I had more pictures to share, especially of the super-sized cabin, but considering the constant "pajama state" the group was in, it may have been for the best.

Now, back to reality.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Music Mondays: Patty Griffin "Heavenly Day"

Something peaceful and something sweet. Another long weekend spending days with friends, this time in South Lake Tahoe, it's time for a song that encompasses all of the happiness I'm feeling. Patty Griffin wrote a song called "Heavenly Day," that she revealed later was about her dog. It makes me choke up every time with delight. An old boss of mine used to play this song loudly from her office whenever she was having a really good, quiet day. And that's the kind of day I'm having today--though admittedly, I'm missing my little Gretchen-pups very much, as she's being doggy-sat by her grandparents.

Anyone who has (or does) own a furry friend will listen to this song and feel immediately taken with it. I just know it. Have a happy Monday, everyone!

Artist: Patty Griffin
Song: "Heavenly Day" | stream
Album: Children Running Through

Friday, November 14, 2014

MY TOP FIVE: Fiction Novels

I may have just announced this the other day, but I couldn't wait to post the first one! I figured I should have installment #1 of my "Top Five" series focus on something that doesn't tend to change too often. Favorite works of fiction!

Before compiling this list and writing the brief little comments on each, I didn't realize that my tastes aren't too varied. On the surface, all these look pretty different, but they're actually pretty similar in theme. Love and tragedy and a bit of comedy. All my favorite things. :)

Read below and see what made the top of my list—and be sure to tell me your thoughts, and what you'd put on your Top Five!

5. THE SIRENS OF TITAN — Kurt Vonnegut

“The worst thing that could possibly happen to anybody would be to not be used for anything by anyone.” 

I read this book 6 years ago, and it was the first of Vonnegut's that I had ever read (I know, I can't believe it took me so long, either). My sister was really affected by it, and she demanded I begin reading it immediately—so I did.

Written in 1959, Sirens tells the story of Malachi Constant, the richest man on a post-modern Earth, and his extraordinary luck. In the blink of an eye, Malachi is traveling from Earth through the solar system, where he finds himself embroiled in a Martian War. The sequences of events that follow affect his life in shocking ways (at least, shocking to us) and unfold without hesitation or care for the audience's sensitivities.

I don't want to spoil too many details of Malachi's exploits, as I feel that the non-nonchalance in which Vonnegut tells this tale is both humorous and tragic. Time passes in jumps, emotional connections are acknowledged and then pushed aside, and all the while, you are traveling towards a revelation with little to no idea where you'll end up. Vonnegut speaks with a curt poetry—as he does in all his novels, really—and explores science fiction in a unique and powerful way.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Wares & Things: BLUEsky BLACKbird

I'm thisclose to a massive jewelry purge. You get to the point, like you do with your clothing, when you can stare at countless pieces of jewelry and still think you have nothing worth wearing. All collections evolve, and I'm finding that the older I get, the less I want to buy earrings in bulk 3-for-1, or shoddy rings on display at department store check out counters. It sounds like a cliche to cite 'quality over quantity' as an ebbing motivation, but there you go. It may just be a factor of growing up.

As a result, I've been on the hunt. Something different, something handmade. Something that wouldn't be quick to find itself broken or tarnished in the garbage bin. I stumbled across the BLUEsky BLACKbird shop on Etsy last week, and I'm completely taken with the hand-notched metal jewelry. There's also a lot of styles, which I like, because sometimes I feel like wearing a statement necklace, while other times I feel like popping on some basic delicate stud earrings.

And how cute is that ring? It's definitely time for some jewelry box revamping -- probably starting with those rustic gold hoop earrings. :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I'm planning a new, little series on this here blog to celebrate my love of all things LISTS. I sort of gravitate to social media mass posts of Top Ten lists which then force you to tag your friends and make them share theirs; yet still cringe a bit that it just adds to the Facebook spamming (we live in a Buzzfeed list world, after all!)

That's why I'm moving it here. I have had my "Top 5" or "Top 10" or "Top 100" lists for practically everything rattling around in my head since I was a kid, and I love the idea of sharing them, if only to then ask you what your favorites are. Lists are like my own little sub-hobby, whether it's writing them out or crossing them off.

Not sure how often I'll do this. Maybe once a week, or once a month. Maybe whenever I get the itch to scribble something down. Hopefully it'll be the start of a good share among friends! :)


{photo via Andrea}

AFI Top 100: #83 "Titanic"

Kate Winslet & Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic (1997)

Boy, was it hard finding pictures for this movie that weren't (a) cliche, (b) fanfic, or (c) parodies! The plethora of iconic screenshots is the first hint that this film bled heavily into the American cinema-scape, in ways both good and bad. The #83 slot on the AFI Top 100 countdown is filled by the James Cameron epic, Titanic, which won 11 Oscars in 1997, tying for the most wins ever with #100 on our list, Ben-Hur. The record has since been tied again by Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King in 2003, but still never beaten.

A small anecdote before kicking this thing off. I think I'm not alone in saying that if you were in middle school (or high school, or maybe even college) when this movie came out, there was nothing—and I mean nothing—that was a bigger deal. I was in 6th grade, and absolutely obsessed. Mostly with star Leonardo DiCaprio, but also pretty heavily with the movie. How many of you remember your friends competing for how many times they went to see it in the theater? No, just me then? I saw it seven times before it left theaters (and cried the first six), which was well under some of my friends. It was that popular.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Music Mondays: KITTEN "Japanese Eyes"

My absolute favorite music right now comes from electro-punk band, KITTEN. Their first full length record was released this past June, and I've seen them in concert three times in the last year. Front woman Chloe Chaidez is the band's core, and with [constantly] rotating supporting players accompanying her, it's a good thing that she's set up to hold her own.

This song is "Japanese Eyes", one of my favorites the band has released. It wasn't included on the new self-titled LP (which I reviewed a few months back), but instead was featured on the band's EP release, Cut It Out, back in 2012. They made a simple but stylistically perfect music video for the track. Chloe is a bit of a firecracker, only 17 years old at the time of this video shoot. In concert, she's like a ball of uncontrollable energy, and at such a young age, she showcases advanced songwriting and vocal skills.

I love this girl. I can't recommend the band's music highly enough, for anyone that loves 80's synth-pop or 90's punk rock. All of their EPs are worth a listen, and their full length record is half old tracks, half new. Give them a listen, especially the above song and "Kill the Light," their best song (IMHO). This won't be the last time you see me post a KITTEN song for Music Mondays, that's a promise.

Artist: KITTEN
Song: "Japanese Eyes" | stream
Album: Cut It Out

PS. On second thought, just stream all of their tracks here. Every EP, the entire LP. I know I will be today.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Wannabe Shutterbug

I finally pulled the trigger and bought a camera. A real camera. Not my phone with some editing app—an actual camera with a detachable lens and all the bells and whistles.

Well, not all the bells and whistles. Let's be honest: I don't really know the first thing about photography. Buying a $200 body with a $600 lens right off the bat would be bonkers. I wouldn't even know where to begin! So I opted for something a little less flashy, but a whole lot more portable. A Panasonic Lumix DMC-G43K.

It's got a really easy to use digital display, and it came with everything I need to play around. After some trial and error when I first pulled it out, I learned really quickly that while the automatic focus may be easier, it certainly isn't better. So the manual focus is my new best friend.

It's a compact system camera body, so less intense than a full DSLR, which are a bit intimidating to me. The lens is a basic 14mm-42mm, and not a pancake, which would have similar specs but be flatter and less bulky. If I plan on carrying this around in my purse everywhere, I might decide the pancake is the way to go.

My only goal right now is to practice. Figure out not just how to shoot, but what kinds of things I'm interested in shooting. I figured I might use this space to post some randoms as I figure out my photography groove. A tiny investment on a camera upfront, and I can see what all the fuss is about; and if I take to it at all.

My parents were in town this weekend, my mom for the first time since John and I moved into our new place. My camera had just arrived, as well, so of course, it started making appearances whenever we were sitting down together—usually over food, 'cause duh.

Oh, and the boyfriend is now my new favorite subject. So patient, this one, as we waited in line for Saturday BBQ at Burbank's Handy Market.

I lied. My favorite thing to take pictures of is food and drinks. They're easy because they stay in one spot—essential when you're trying to keep your pictures from being all blur. Some blur, maybe, but not all blur. A few shots from this morning's brunch at The Local Peasant.

^that right there is my mama's Bloody Mary concoction. She's a master of presentation.

Hobbes cat! The only pet of ours willing to sit still for a glamour shot.

He looks so happy to be bothered, doesn't he? He always finds his light.

Other than point, focus, and shoot, I don't really know how to do much else. Daytime and nighttime and natural filters, sigh... So many options, it's gonna take a lot longer for me to figure out which to use and when.

But that's okay. I'm just excited to be trying something new. Another potential hobby to explore.

Happy Sunday, folks!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Haute Burger Truck

I had an incredible burger yesterday, you guys.

It came into my place of business via the Haute Burger Truck, based here in the City of Angels. They describe themselves as a mix between 'classy' and 'trashy,' which is actually a pretty accurate description of their menu. The moment I saw it, I knew that my microwaveable meal from home just wasn't gonna cut it.

There were a lot more options than I expected (since food trucks usually need to have a limited and maintainable menu), and the ingredients were pretty impressive!

Most people chose the Porc Chic, which included a pork patty and two massive slices of pork belly. Yowza! Can you believe that sucker?? Oh, and I can't forget the pretzel bun, blackberry mustard, and the habaƱero sauce. It's the reason I almost went with that option, along with the rest of my co-workers.

See what I'm saying? As people began carrying theirs out of the pick up window, I almost regretted my decision to instead opt for the truck's specialty and namesake, the Haute Burger.

But when I saw that branded HB on a warm fluffy bun... I took back all those traitor thoughts.

And what is that right there? A side of brussel sprouts? These aren't just any old brussel sprouts. These were Brussel Frites, lightly fried and sweetly crispy. They come with a slight drizzle of a sauce of your choice, and I of course decided on the Sriracha Aioli. I can't resist Sriracha OR Aioli... put them together, and it makes perfection.

My only complaint about the Brussel Frites was that the sprouts on the bottom of the massive serving were swimming in more oil than I'd like. A little shake coming out of the fryer would have completely changed the last few bites. And while I might have one qualm with the otherwise delicious side, I have no complaints about the main course.

The burger was stacked high with onions, jalapeno cheddar cheese, pickles, Sriracha Aioli, tomatoes and the world's tastiest bacon (ignore my hyperbole). These guys sure know how to do pork right! Did I mention the pork on pork belly burger?

I highly recommend tracking these guys down, and I'm already on a mission to try every other sandwich on their menu. They take great care in constructing their towering burgers, and the presentation is just an added bonus. I almost felt bad biting into it. OK, no, not really, I was salivating taking these pictures.

If you're in the Los Angeles area, follow the truck on Twitter to find out where they'll be next!

Aren't you hungry now?
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