Monday, September 14, 2015

Music Mondays: Tonic "Queen"

Selecting a song to represent my love for Tonic is a tall order. During a lazy drive home from Northern California yesterday, I kept getting pulled back to listening to their first three albums on a cycle. The first band I fell in love with on my own accord during 8th grade—and one people made fun of me for loving, inexplicably. Lemon Parade and Head on Straight are wonderful, but Sugar owns my heart. And if I had to pick, their track "Queen" might just be my favorite.

A bit maudlin, it also has one of my favorite bridges in any song. Nothing connected with my teenage melancholy like these guys.

Am I alone? Does anyone out there love Emerson and the boys as much as I do?

Artist: Tonic
Song: "Queen" | download
Album: Sugar

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