Friday, March 25, 2016

Blog, Interrupted

It's been exactly two weeks since I've posted, probably the longest span of silence since I kicked off this blog (again) in 2014. Ramp ups at work and personal life planning (and endless travel) meant putting my writing on the back-burner for a short time. For those who've been checking in, however, I haven't forgotten you.

My writing draft queue is filling up with uncrafted thoughts on movies, tattoos, and food, things I'm gearing up to talk more about, and I can't wait to give them a polish and share them with you. Even discussing the epic cluster**** of this weekend's movie releases will have to wait just a few more days. Bear with me, friends, and since I don't get the opportunity to say it all that often, thank you infinity for visiting.


(image via Rosa Tammaro Photography)

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