Monday, June 27, 2016

Music Mondays: Bo Burnham "Can't Handle This"

I actually shared this on my Facebook earlier today, and realized it would make a great entry for Music Mondays. Bo Burnham is a brilliant young comedian known for his musical comedy and enhanced theatrics, but in his most recent Netflix comedy special, Make Happy, he delivers his magnum opus with "Can't Handle This," otherwise known as his 'Kanye Rant.'

What starts out as an appropriately funny couple of verses laced with (surprisingly beautiful) auto-tune transforms into an unexpectedly emotional and resounding climax to his show. Watch it now (take note of the incredible lighting cues!), and check out his other comedy all over YouTube, including his first Netflix special, What. This guy is a genius. Enjoy, and happy Monday!

Artist: Bo Burnham
Song: "Can't Handle This"
Album/Show: Make Happy

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