Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My Favorite Pouf

Gretchen enjoying the Threshold pouf

Since John and I moved into our new place together, I knew that I wanted to start hosting dinners and parties for friends.  But that meant plenty of seating.  I'm sort of a design novice, but I'm learning and getting inspired. So what kinds of pieces should I be looking for?

For myself, I know that a good sofa and armchair are musts.  But what about floor seating?  Personally, when I'm at friends' apartments, I love when they have cushions or great carpet, because I prefer to sit on the floor.  When watching movies, writing, blogging, whatever!

I had purchased four of the fun and colorful Urban Outfitter floor pillows (I plan on buying more - they just stack so easily!).  Next, I wanted to get a pouf or two.  Normally, poufs are so uncomfortably to me.  Hard as a rock or completely unstable.  Who wants to sit on fabric that feels like wood?

But shockingly, I found one that is perfect.  And it's actually affordable!  Right now, Target has an amazing array of poufs, and I highly recommend the Threshold pouf.  The one I purchased (see above; my Mini Dachshund is a big fan) is soft and wide and - above all - comfortable.  And now they're on sale!

You just can't have enough places for people to sit.  And I may just have to claim this new pouf as my forever spot.


  1. I don't know your situation, but I love to crash on my friend's big ol' sectional when we're having Sunday Funday. I also quite like the idea of a transitional upholstered piece that can double as coffee table and extra seating. and

    1. That's one of the reasons I wanted to get some poufs! They make really great foot rests for when other people aren't here.

      We have a sofa/chaise in the guest room, which is GREAT. Pieces that can have multiple functions is so great. And I LOVE that cream upholstered "coffee table"! I've seen that before, and it's so great!


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