Monday, December 15, 2014

Music Mondays: Guster "Tiny Tree Christmas"

Happy Monday, everyone! Another December week, another holiday song. This time, an upbeat, addictive track from one of my sister's favorite bands (and a huge sound staple of my childbood), Guster. Their song, "Tiny Tree Christmas" is filled with a fun rock beat and a festive horn section perfect for rocking out to during our holiday travels.

Is anyone else stocking up their playlists with new jams so as not to go stir crazy in the car or on the airplane during travel next week? I know it can't be just me!

This song, along with many other awesome ones (like Jenny O's "Get Down for the Holidays") were compiled for a free Christmas album from Target back in 2010, titled The Christmas Gig. Full playlist for the release can be found here, and even though Target doesn't have the album on their website anymore, just thank the lucky stars someone had the foresight to save the direct link. ;)


Artist: Guster
Song: "Tiny Tree Christmas" | stream
Album: The Christmas Gig

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