Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tattooed Lady: Color Me In

A huge Thanksgiving feast wasn't the only thing I experienced this past holiday weekend. The time had come to pay a visit to my favorite tattoo artist, Marie Scherping! My lady outline was set to be colored in on Saturday, and unlike last time, I didn't feel one twinge of nerves.

I'd certainly gotten used to the outline. Once it had healed up, I couldn't have been more proud to show her off. That little inkling in the back of mind was saying, "Maybe you shouldn't color her in... wouldn't she look nice this way forever?" But the weekend before the holiday, I looked down and thought: Nope. It's time. She just didn't feel complete anymore.

I settled in at Fura Body Works with John in tow, visited during the session by Stacy and my friend Cassie. I love that the shop is located in my home town. So many friends still live in the area, and it's no challenge to make an appointment, or even get there! Marie is certainly my go-to lady tattooer, but the shop is full of talented artists whose art I would proudly display. But one thing at a time, amirite?

Don't let my calm and focused expression fool you. This was one painful session. Teeth were gritted and fists were clenched. It being only my 3rd tattoo sitting ever, it was the first time I'd had color done--and it is a drastically different experience! (Everyone out there who has tattoos all simultaneously yelled "Duh!" I have no doubt.)

After all the excess ink and ointment was wiped away, I took a long look at the final piece. It was... shocking, the difference. All of a sudden, she had come to life. The eyes, the lips, the hair... everything was so expertly shaded, I couldn't believe it. My little lady was staring back at me, all flushed and beaming.

I'm still getting used to it, honestly. It feels like a completely different tattoo than the one I had before, which of course is jarring. In a way, it is! The colors are so vibrant, I get distracted every time I glance downwards. A good kind of distracted. ;)

I honestly can't wait to get my next one... it may happen sooner than you'd think!

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