Monday, May 11, 2015

Music Mondays: "The Blob" Theme Song (1958)

Have any of you ever seen the original sci-fi horror movie The Blob? While my review for that is coming up later today (or tomorrow, who am I to make promises?), I couldn't resist sharing with you all one of the most ridiculous, out-of-place, but still incredible opening credit theme songs in any science fiction movie ever. The Blob Theme Song speaks to me on so many levels, maybe because of the boogie-beach sound, and made the movie that follows that much more delightful. A little tidbit about the track from Turner Classic Movies:

Paramount added a theme song by two unknown songwriters named Burt Bacharach and Mack David. The song was performed by The Five Blobs (which was actually just vocalist Bernie Nee overdubbing himself) and spent three weeks in the Top 40 late in 1958.

Imaging this song playing on Top 40 radio today fills me with pure delight. If you've ever—or never!—seen this movie, I hope that listening to this track will prompt you to make an appointment with your television ASAP. And hey! The movie is available to stream on Hulu Plus. Lucky you!

Artist: The Five Blobs
Song: "The Blob Theme Song"
Album: The Blob Soundtrack

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