Monday, May 18, 2015

Music Mondays: The Veronicas "Cruel"

For the first time in seven years, one of my favorite bands from my college days, The Veronicas, have released a full new album, and are coming on tour in the US—final stop, Los Angeles, and I didn't hesitate to grab tickets. I've always loved their bouncy, dance beats, and it doesn't hurt that I find kinship in their twindom. Plus! They got their name from one of my favorite movies! The band consists of Lisa and Jessica Origliasso, and while they may look like delicate little birds (seriously, I shook Lisa's hand once, and I thought I might crush it), don't let that fool you. They write a mean revenge tune, and are tough to boot.

Their new album, released last year, is self-titled and a total blast! So happy they're back, and can't wait to see them live. Check out their video for "Cruel," which I swear will get stuck in your head all day. You've been warned!

Happy Monday!

Artist: The Veronicas
Song: "Cruel" | download | stream
Album: Veronicas

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