Monday, April 4, 2016

Music Mondays: The Chainsmokers feat. Charlee "Inside Out"

Remember that incredible dance anthem "#SELFIE" that we all couldn't get enough of in 2014? Yeah, well, the incredible DJ mix-masters (Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall) behind that track didn't stop there. The Chainsmokers have released their newest track, which has a significantly more indie sound, not unlike Chvrches, but of course featuring their signature beat-drops. Featuring Austrian electropop artist, Charlee, "Inside Out" is bringing me out of my music funk and inspiring me to start sharing again on these Music Mondays.

Sometimes we all just get a little... bored with our music don't we? That's been me the past few weeks, hence the lack of attention paid to this series. I've long been waiting for something new to come across my Pandora or introduced on the radio, and The Chainsmokers are breathing new life into my iPod. And it's not just this song! You've probably been hearing their other new track, "Don't Let Me Down" feat. Daya playing all over the radio (and it's incredible musical break)! Maybe because it's Spring, I just wanna wake up and feel the beat.

Happy Monday! xx

Artist: The Chainsmokers (feat. Charlee)
Song: "Inside Out" | download
Album: Inside Out single

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