Tuesday, April 12, 2016

12 More Tattoo Artists You Need to Follow on Instagram

After this long movie season year, we are long overdue for a movie-break! I've taken a hiatus from talking about story and cinematography and film tropes to indulge in another one of my passions: Tattoos. The last few years have been full of sessions to expand my own collection (I'll be posting something about my newest piece as soon as I can get some decent pictures!), but more than anything, finding new artists with styles to drool over take up much of my leisure, online surfing time.

I've shared some personal favorites on Through the Reels before (check out a list of 15 Artists here and 10 More Artists here if you haven't seen them), and there are so many more that have consumed me with need—particularly a need to save up enough money to get tattoos from them all! My current obsession is blackwork pieces; you'll see plenty of incredible ones below!

So once again, here are my very personal recommendations for ink-tastic artists to liven up your Instagram feeds, with 12 More Tattoo Artists You Need to Follow on Instagram:

(NOTE: all images via each artist's Instagram pages, I do not claim ownership of these)

Located: private studio (Istanbul, Turkey)

Why I Love Her: Described once by Bored Panda as the Turkish Dr. Woo (who hasn't been featured on these lists simply because he's so popular), Bicem creates intricate designs with the finest of needles. Her work is whimsical, and her dot and line work give me a longing feeling in the pit of my gut. I knew I always wanted to pay a visit to Istanbul.
Located: rotating guest spots (travel schedule)

Why I Love Him: With only a handful of artists on this list specializing in color, Jonathan (aka "earthgrasper") captures people and wildlife with the softness of a paintbrush and the vibrancy of an high def photograph. Not only are his animals as adorable as can be, he also incorporates plenty of mystical or nature elements to make the whole thing just pop!
Located: Bleu Noir Tattoo / rotating guest spots (Paris)

Why I Love Him: The team at Bleu Noir Tattoo in Paris might be the best concentration of artists at a single shop I've yet to come across, each with their unique and mind-blowing styles. Previously, I'd shared my love for Bleu Noir resident artist, SupaKitsch, and Mast Cora brings the same beauty, softness and stellar black line work. With rounded edges, there's nothing sharp about his fusion of animals, nature and geometry. I have yet to see a piece I wouldn't gladly have on my own body.

Located: Bleu Noir Tattoo (Paris)

Why I Love Her: What did I say about Bleu Noir Tattoo? Oh, right, that there isn't a forgetful artist among them! Violette creates her myriad of bouquets and sacred geometry patterns on both small and large scales, and she's certainly no stranger to the dotwork shading trend.

Located: Od Świtu do Zmierzchu Tattoo & Piercing (Łódź, Poland)

Why I Love Her: One of the youngest artists on this list, this talented sprite may just be Europe's newest tattoo superstar, bringing her memorable scratched-line style to some of the most beautiful pieces I've come across in recent months. Her art is reminiscent of Disney animators' early rough sketches, long before the edges are perfected and color is applied, but it's that 'unfinished' feeling that gives every tattoo a sense of movement and energy, like it's about to come to life. Trips to Poland are cheap, right?

Located: Tradition Tattoo (Brisbane, Australia)

Why I Love Him: Traditionally drawn and colored ladies have a special place in my heart, and Jonny's rose-cheeked beauties are absolutely his specialty. There may be plenty of other artists out there with a portfolio full of these kinds of pieces, but 'jon_ftw' may have some of the best of the bunch.
Located: rotating guest spots (International)

Why I Love Him: Known by his online handle, 'LustandConsume', Phil is hands down my new favorite discovery, though he is hardly little known. His mystical and abstract tattoos incorporate so many intricate lines and delicate whip-shading, it's dizzying! I had the hardest time even selecting a picture to share here, because every single one of them deserves to be front and center in his expansive portfolio. Each piece tells a story, and there is always something new to discover in his large scale work.
Located: Black Iris Tattoo (Brooklyn, NY)

Why I Love Him: When it comes to finding a good artist, it's all about the linework. Purposeful and consistent, John O'Hara's signature style perfectly compliments the range of florals, animals, and skulls he incorporates into his work. Also an expert whip-shader (aka using a finer tattooing needle to create the studdered effects of a standard shading tool), he reminds me of one of my original favorites, Oakland CA artist, Lawrence Edwards. What's not to love about that?
Location: Tenderfoot Studio (Portland, OR)

Why I Love Her: Pony may well be the quintessential Pacific Northwest tattooer, creating collage-like pieces that play with life and death within the natural world. Never afraid to go super small, super big, or super weird, each creation plays with scale and whimsy, even adding in the occasional ethereal elements that just make her work feel like magic.
Located: Wonderland Tattoo (Portland, OR)

Why I Love Her: Our second Portlander on this list, Kirsten hails from the same shop as famous floral tattooist, Alice Carrier. Similar in style, Kirsten lays down soft and muted greens, pinks, and reds to create all varieties of bouquets on her clients. I truly believe that my tattooed body will never be complete without at least one piece from one of these lovely ladies of Wonderland Tattoos.
Located: rotating guest spots (US)

Why I Love Him: Up and coming artist, Austin Fields, hails from Kentucky and, like Inez Janiak and Bicem Sinik lauded above, creates some of the most incredible blackwork creations any tattoo lover could hope to find. And the best part? He's stateside, so chances are pretty good of tracking him down!
Located: Foudre Noire Tattoo Shop (Dunkerque, France)

Why I Love Him: Looks like not all of France's best artists come from Bleu Noir! Burpi can be found in Dunkerque, drawing wondrous pop culture creations ranging from Star Wars to Daria to Psycho (and Bates Motel!) and beyond! But this guy isn't a one trick pony. He lays down a mean flower bundle—but were I to find myself with an appointment, no question I'd finally get that long-desired Buffy tattoo!
Know of an artist you love that you think I would love, too? Share their name/handle with me in the comments!

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