Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Outline of a Tattooed Lady

This past weekend feels like kismet. On Friday, I was at work in Los Angeles, and by Saturday at lunch, I was sitting down for an exhilarating tattoo session in the suburbs of San Francisco. It was a blur.

Two weeks ago, my sister shot me a message, instructing me to check out this tattoo artist, Marie Scherping. I spent hours scouring her Instagram... her original drawings, her line work, the coloring—I was floored. Immediately, I sent her a rambling email with all my dream specs, and was resigned to not hearing back for months. By the next morning, I woke up not only to a response, but to an initial sketch!

A week later, I made my appointment with her shop in Castro Valley, CA (my hometown!), Fura Body Works. I was accompanied by Stacy and my mom (who was adorably fascinated by the whole process—"It's so sanitary!" she whispered.) Stacy photographed everything, from start to finish. Now, two weeks after reaching out for a consultation, I'm typing this update, happily distracted my the new ink on my arm.

I'm grateful for Marie's professionalism and expertise in helping create this art with me. I can't recommend her enough as an artist and tattooer, and I'm proud to have had a lovely woman like her design and gift me with something that I'll carry forever.

It's only been three days, and I'm already hearing what I'm sure I'll hear for the rest of my life: "Who is she?" The answer is, she doesn't represent any one person; she just embodies what I love: 1940s glamour and women with a soft, but sexy, presence. The bedroom eyes are also a personal favorite. Partially inspired by the late Lauren Bacall, she is honestly my vision of the perfect woman.

Here are some pictures from my session, getting the full black outline. Color and shading session is scheduled for next month, so I'm going to enjoy it like this while it lasts.

{design & tattoo by Marie Scherping @ Fura Body Works; top and bottom images property of Through the Reels; other images courtesy of The Sleepy Peach}

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