Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My Top Ten Movie Moments of 2014

Yesterday I posted My Top Ten Movies of 2014, and today, I wanted to share my Top Ten Movie Moments from this past year. Sometimes a movie can be great all the way through (again, see my Top 10)—but other times, an okay, fun, or so-so movie can be made leaps and bounds more enjoyable by just a single scene. Not saying that's the case for all the films on the list to follow... but it is for a few.

Some of these scenes are serious. Some are absurd. But all of them stuck with me through the year and made my viewing experience exponentially better.

*WARNING: may contain spoilers*

10. Curtis (Chris Evans) accurately predicts the guards' guns don't have bullets in SNOWPIERCER.

9. Andrew (Miles Teller) hijacking his final performance in WHIPLASH.

8. Dancing Baby Groot in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.

7. Donna (Jenny Slate) shedding subtle tears in the doctor's office in OBVIOUS CHILD.

6. Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) and Brand's (Anne Hathaway) 40-min trip to the surface of Miller's water planet and arrival at their ship decades later in INTERSTELLAR.

The One I Love
5. Ethan (Mark Duplass) and Sophie (Elizabeth Moss) enter their vacation home to discover they have visitors in THE ONE I LOVE.

4. Amy (Rosamund Pike) "escapes" from Desi (Neil Patrick Harris) in GONE GIRL.

3. The epic battle between Godzilla and Mutos in GODZILLA. [watch scene here]

2. The Quicksilver scene in X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. [watch scene here]

and the best scene of the year goes to...

1. Estranged twins Maggie (Kristin Wiig) and Milo (Bill Hader) lipsync to "Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now" in THE SKELETON TWINS. [watch scene here]

The Skeleton Twins
Did you enjoy any of these scenes as much as I did? I'm still playing that lip sync scene from Skeleton Twins over and over. Aaaaand now I'm off to watch it again!

Share some of your favorite scenes this year in the comments. :)


  1. did you love skeleton twins? i was thinking about watching that last night.
    p.s. can we just talk about WHIPLASH for a second? i could watch that movie 1,000 times.

    1. I actually LOVED Skeleton Twins, it's really funny, but so touching and telling about coping and depression, so it rides the line really well. I'm also a twin, so I adored it. :) The lip sync scene, though, is... just so amazing and it makes me smile ear to ear.

      And um, WHIPLASH... it blew my mind! My favorite movie of last year, bar none. I've done everything in my power to tell everyone about it.

  2. That scene from the Skeleton Twins is one of my favorites in years. It's so funny, heartfelt, fun, and kinda sad in a way. Could re-watch it forever.


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