Monday, April 6, 2015

Music Mondays: Mirror Talk "This Woman's Work"

There's nothing like discovering a new, phenomenal band by accident. This past Friday, I went to my third KITTEN concert (you've all heard me talk about them ad nauseam), and in the mix of three opening acts—none of whom I was looking forward to, silly me—a beacon of light emerged. LA-based New Wave/synth-pop/R&B group, Mirror Talk, took to the stage, between the trying-too-hard Aquadolls and the talented-I-guess? Dear Boy.... and completely stole the whole show.

They opened with today's Music Monday selection, a cover of the classic Kate Bush track "This Woman's Work." Now, we've all heard countless covers of this song. Maxwell's version might be almost as famous now as the original! But honestly... I've never heard any version as beautiful as Mirror Talk's. During the show, they hooked me right away, and delved right into their original material, which was pulsing with a George Michael meets Phil Collins meets Bowie energy.

Frontman, Court Alexander, was downright hypnotic, and I was shocked to discover that this incredible quartet doesn't even have a huge following! Their first major EP, Infatuation, came out in late 2013, and their newest EP, 1997, is set to be released on May 19th. Consider me a fan for life. Now, I must spread the Mirror Talk love. Expect them to re-appear in this weekly series, probably not too long from now. Check out this track, it will inspire you to listen to everything else they've recorded!

Artist: Mirror Talk
Song: "This Woman's Work" [Kate Bush cover] | stream
Album: n/a

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