Monday, August 17, 2015

Music Mondays: Poliça "Chain My Name"

When you get to work on a Monday morning and there isn't enough coffee in the world, the cure for any energy deficit is music. Usually, that's when I pull out the synthpop or dance music, and the first track that popped into my head on this Music Monday is "Chain My Name" by Poliça. I love these guys, and their songs are lofty and bouncy and fun. Lead singer Channy Leaneagh's voice makes me a happy, happy girl.

I first came across their album Shulamith at the start of last year, their second studio album. It's a total masterwork, and it's what I'll be listening to on repeat to get my brain back in gear for the work week.

What are you listening to?

Artist: Poliça
Song: "Chain My Name" | download
Album: Shulamith

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