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10 More Tattoo Artists You Need to Follow on Instagram

It was less than 6 months ago that I posted a list of the 15 Tattoo Artists You Need to Follow on Instagram, and you guys devoured it! It quickly became my most viewed post, and continues to get hits every day. So I would be remiss if I didn't share my newest ink-master finds with you all, since I know you're as obsessed with looking at stunning tattoo portfolios as I am!

Like last time, I can't help but share with you as many of the best female tattoo artists gracing my social media feeds that I can find, and this time, they make up 80% of the list! Without further delay, here are 10 More Tattoo Artists You Need to Follow on Instagram:

(NOTE: all images via each artist's Instagram pages, I do not claim ownership of these)

Located: Rain City Tattoo (Vancouver, BC)

Why I Love Her: My my my... to describe Katie's tattoos would never do them justice. They are vivid, complex, and bursting with a kaleidoscope of color. While I've seen richly colored tattoos before, I've never seen anything this vibrant. The variety alone is enough to drop my jaw, but add on top of that her affinity for geometric animal portraits or wildlife, and it's settled: she's my new favorite artist. And I'm not alone! Recently she's been spending time tattooing with the gorgeous ladies at Megan Massacre's shop, Grit'n'Glory in NYC, which is sure to garner her plenty of attention, making her one of the hottest tattoo-tickets in the country. I'm trying to get on her waiting list already...
Official Website

Located: Cloak and Dagger Tattoo (London)

Why I Love Her: Originally from Perth, Australia, Kat recently uprooted and moved to the UK to expand her tattooing network. Dark and intense is the best way to describe the women she envisions, and there's no picture that can do all of her details justice. 

Located: Black Medicine Tattoo (Vancouver, BC)

Why I Love Him: One of only two male artists on this list, I discovered Joel through his relationship with artist Nomi Chi, who made my previous list. Joel's intense, thick black linework caught my eye, and he never disappoints. Mixing the classic with the occasional laugh, he's also a varied artist who doesn't seem to take himself too seriously. Which would probably make him a fun guy to hang out with during a long tattoo session.

Located: Hand Of Glory Tattoo (Brooklyn, NY)

Why I Love Her: Stylistically, Becca reminds me of former list-gracers Angelique Houtkamp and Andrea Giulimondi, especially in her use of color. Soft and simple, her artwork is timelessly classic, but she still adds her own creative punch to every piece. For anyone leaning more traditional in terms of taste, and who want something that'll never fall into the 'fad' column, Becca's your girl.

Located: Needlewurks Tattoo (Clifton Park, New York)

Why I Love Her: A friend of mine recently got a piece from Bridget and sent me scrambling to her Instagram to check out the rest of her work. Probably the only artist on this list without a distinct single style, that makes her the one with the most varied portfolio. Her beautiful handle on linework, color, and black and grey pieces should make anyone feel confident sitting down for a session.
Located: El Bando Tattoo (Brazil)

Why I Love Him: Daniel's Instagram handle says it all: daaamn... A clear master with any size needle (even the terrifying single needle for thin-thin/near invisible lines), Daniel's incorporation of sacred geometry into his work perfectly compliments his unique set of skills. From the super-small to the mega-huge, if you're looking for clean, detailed perfection, look no further than this guy right here.
Located: Cherry Bomb Tattoo Parlour (North Perth, Australia)

Why I Love Her: Like Kat Abdy above (both hail from Perth and based on their feeds, are clearly besties), Liz specializes in detailed, color creations—vibrant with the merest touch of the macab, the standouts are her fierce female busts. And that just happens to be my favorite type of tattoo. I can only drool at her work from afar, at least until I can get my butt to Australia.
Located: Wonderland Tattoo (Portland, OR)

Why I Love Her: Flora and Fauna, oh my! Famous for her stunning realistic flower and foliage tattoos, Alice's work even partially inspired by most recent ink. Her work is as delicate and beautiful as she is difficult to get an appointment with, but wouldn't one of her roses be worth the wait?
Official Site
Location: Hidden Moon Tattoo (Melbourne, Australia)

Why I Love Her: There is something refreshing and classic about how Abby views women. Voluptuous and radiant, her tattoo creations often follow a consistent motif of Grecian-esque nude beauties, sometimes riding horses or Pegasi—or part creature themselves. Mostly large to even larger scale pieces, the level of detail in each of her tattoos is enthralling.
Located: Zmierzloki Tattoo (Poland)

Why I Love Her: Aside from the fact her tattooed otter is the cutest thing I've ever seen (above!), Oliwia might just be the brightest rising star on this list—and probably one of the least known. Her line-work is killer, some of the best out there, and she quite literally creates the loveliest animal/flower large scale pieces. A bonus? She's a super animal-friendly artist who works with vegan ink! For those of us animal lovers out there, that's a pretty big bonus. 

If travel, time, and money wasn't a factor, who would I make appointments with to get tattooed by tomorrow? My #1 Katie Shocrylas and #10 Oliwia, of course! How about you?

Now it's your turn! Why don't you share some of your favorite artists with me in the comments? You know I'm always looking for more to follow. ;)

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