Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Food & Lib: Ledlow LA, Downtown

Before hopping into the Rock 'n' Roll Flea Market, which I posted about last week, I met my friend Jason for brunch at nearby Ledlow in Downtown Los Angeles. The area is less than familiar to me, so when Jason suggested this quiet, corner spot on 4th & Main, I jumped at the chance.

The day was beyond beautiful, a perfect sunny and cool southern California morning. The glass-encased restaurant reflected sunlight and the street scene back out at us as we strolled past the outdoor seating area, framed in vined greenery. I frequently think about all these SoCal dining spots lose half their seating to rain... oh, maybe 10 times per year. What a perfect place to eat outside.

I say that, of course, as Jason and I waltz straight inside Ledlow and take a seat in a comfortable booth... not outside. Hey, what can I say? We're so spoiled with beautiful sunny days and open-air dining, we wholly take it for granted. ;)

The interior of Ledlow was simple and airy. The sunlight bouncing through the windows cascaded around, filling the room that was lined on the opposite side with mirrors. All of the light bulbs were dim and flickering, Edison-style, since the daylight was plenty bright. Sparse market lights hung high above the tables, and I snapped some pictures until—of course—I was distracted by the display of flaky, baked goods at the entrance.

Snug in our booth, I ordered myself a frothy latte and we chatted about trying to work out and eat better and all that stuff that should wait until after you've finished your high calorie drinks. Same goes for breakfast sandwiches.

I've been a little obsessed with croissant breakfast sandwiches lately, so when I saw that Ledlow had one on their brunch menu, it was a no-brainer. When it came out, I thought, Aww, it's so tiny. Yeah, I was completely wrong. It filled me up so fast, I felt more than satisfied. The croissant was flaky and buttery—their pastries and baked goods are absolutely something to write home about. The country ham was just the right amount of salty, and so thinly sliced, I thought I may have been gifted some prosciutto.

Jason ordered their Avocado & Cream Cheese Toast, which went to the top of my "must do this at home, it's so easy!" list.

I'd love to return to this little spot to try out their dinner menu, which has some of my favorite things to try (i.e. Moules Frites!). It also has selections that I know John would be ecstatic to order, but I would be a bit afraid to give a taste (like Beef Tongue!)

If you're near 4th & Main, don't hesitate to stop in at this spot, even if just to order a drink at their epic, well-stocked bar. The staff was lovely and we felt so relaxed, I could have lounged there all day, had we not had a date with the Flea Market just a block away.

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