Monday, February 16, 2015

Music Mondays: White Lies "Death"

Remember when I said a few weeks ago that I was now obsessed with the music in A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night? You don't? Well, I am. Particularly the first scene where our two leads listen to music in her underground apartment. That song, after hardly any sleuthing, turns out to be "Death" by British rock band White Lies, and today's Music Monday selection.

This band, and the song, are completely new to me. But sometimes, there are just those tracks that connect with you, even if it's just because the lyrics or melody generate images of something you love. Those are my favorite songs, and the ones that stick with me the longest. My favorite artists have always been discoveries from film or TV (I found last week's artist, Elisa, the same way). Now, this song from my new favorite vampire movie has introduced me to a whole collection of songs by White Lies off of their 2009 debut album To Lose My Life... —"Death" is an upbeat anthem that influenced not only one of the best flicks, but the best scene, from last year's movies.

As I await the inevitable release of the Girl Walks Home Alone at Night collector's vinyl, "Death" will remain on digital repeat. I hope you'll give it a listenor come back to it, once you see the movie for yourself. Sometimes it's better to experience a song first accompanied by some great visuals. But I promise you this: you won't be able to get it out from under your skin, and you'll be in love by the first note.

Artist: White Lies
Song: "Death" | download | stream
Album: To Lose My Life...

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