Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Food & Lib: The Fat Dog, NoHo

I'm always looking out for new and exciting places to open up near our apartment, and in the NoHo Arts District, that's becoming an ever-common occurrence! Most recently, a second location for The Fat Dog, which first popped up 4 years ago in Hollywood, has launched with a soft opening last week in North Hollywood - an opening 2 years in the making.

Located on Magnolia Blvd, wedged between other new eateries of varying faire (a few doors west is the delicious Bow & Truss, which I reviewed last year), this gastropub offers an expansive bar, refreshing summer cocktails, and of course, a coveted and shady outdoor space perfect for a large group or pup-friendly brunches. It is reminiscent of some of my favorite restaurants on the West Side (think Father's Office in Culver City or Plan Check on Sawtelle), but even better, because it's but a short walk from my apartment.

I got a group of friends together to scope it out, and naturally, we all ordered different things to test out their [for a short time] limited, soft opening menu. But don't let that fool you! There is something, many things, for everyone to enjoy! Eater LA may have posted gorgeous pictures of the new location (worth checking out), but for me? It was all about the food & libations!

First up? Specialty cocktails!

All of the cocktails of, you guessed it!, doggy-themed names. I went immediately for the Off the Leash (the lovely pink one): the Fat Dog's take on a Whiskey Sour, with agave and aperol thrown in for good measure. Another popular choice for the table was the Well Groomed (the gilded up one above), with bubbly ginger beer mixed with Pimm's, lemonade and cucumber. Not pictured? The Tootsie Roll Over with a cacao rum - delicious, and an easy replacement for dessert - as well as one of my favorites, a gin concoction muddled with arugula! Sounds strange, but it's such a fragrant, refreshing "green juice"-like cocktail, perfect for summer afternoons.

Of course, some of us went the hoppy route and paired beer with their pub food.

I couldn't wait any longer, I had to order from the appetizer / small bites menu! Jalapeno Mac & Cheese was a no-brainer! Within seconds, the cast-iron skillet had been cleared as we all scrambled to claim a spoonful.

A beautiful Kale Caesar Salad made an appearance too, complete with a fried egg!

For me, though, it was the Fried Pickles with Ranch yogurt dip that stood out on the menu!

I love everything about this presentation. And the pickles? The best I've ever had! These weren't your standard pickle chips - we're talking crunchy, dill spears fried to perfection! I dream about these... I'm even salivating right now thinking about them. Not surprisingly, I had a hard time sharing!

Next up came the entrees. The menu is more limited now than it will be in the coming weeks, but we certainly didn't have a problem finding something that sounded incredible. In fact, we got five different things! The star, of course, is the signature Fat Dog - a massive grilled hot dog on a poppy seed bun, with sport peppers, tomatoes, onions, and potato chips. Think of it like a Chicago Dog on steroids!

Whenever I go to a new place, my instinct is to go for their signature hamburger first. If they can't do that right, why even bother, amiright?!

And you guys? It was spectacular! The least fussy, but most satisfying Burger I've had in a long time, with a little punch from the shaved Manchego cheese.

Just... just take a second to look at that. You can almost smell it, the perfect medium rare. And the best part? You can get The Flight burger sliders as an alternative, or to share with the table!

And there's something about fries right out of a paper bag that makes them taste 100 times better, huh?

Finally, the crispiest Fish & Chips, with wedge cut fries.

This is easily my new favorite place to spend an afternoon in the Valley. The outdoor space, with long picnic tables, is a lovely place to bring your puppy, order a drink and some appetizers, and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the neighborhood. I mean, how relaxing does that look?

Definitely don't wait, it's worth hurrying to try this place out before it gets too crowded! Considering they've been open for less than a week (at the time of this posting), their service was wonderful, their atmosphere calm and quiet, and the menu expansive. They even have an Alternative Burger for their Vegetarian or Vegan customers! I have a feeling they're going to do incredibly well in this location. Every Saturday & Sunday, they serve brunch until 3 PM, featuring a half-dozen $5 cocktails to choose from. That is going to be our next mission at The Fat Dog: Weekend Brunch.

Go check it out! You won't regret it!

Place:  The Fat Dog
Neighborhood:  NoHo Arts District (North Hollywood)
Food:  Yes
Full Bar:  Yes


  1. Geez! How many people did you take with you?? It all looks AMAZING.

    1. There were only six of us, but everyone ordered their fair share! So many more drinks were ordered that I didn't get pictures of, though, haha


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