Monday, June 22, 2015

Music Mondays: Rachel Platten "Fight Song"

Who are we kidding? I would be lying if I admitted to listening to even a single other song in the past week! On heavy rotation, as I file through an endless stream of movie reviews, emails, and work (so much work!), the adorable Rachel Platten's debut single, "Fight Song", has been ringing fiercely in my ears. And there is no end in sight, because it is pure, pop gold.

I'm sure you've heard it on the radio, though I don't think it's gotten the play that it soon will. Prepare yourself, you'll be sick of this song in a month, but until then, enjoy it! It's a Kelly Clarkson-esque power anthem. The very best kind.


Artist: Rachel Platten
Song: "Fight Song" | download
Album: Fight Song EP | stream

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