Friday, June 26, 2015

Mojave Daze

It's been a slow week here on the blog, and the weekend, I'm hoping, will be even slower. Taking a much needed break to visit the heat of the desert, and I'm reminded of the strange, eerie beauty of the Mojave as we pass by the towering yucca trees and heat-laden shrubs on our way to the outskirts of Las Vegas.

The weather is already unforgiving, but it feels refreshing and revitalizing, nonetheless. Enjoy this weekend, everyone—oh, and in case you hadn't heard the news...


(photo via Andriana Baker)


  1. Hi, Kim. Thanks for using and crediting my photo. Just a heads up, my name is spelled Andriana. :) Thanks, again!

    1. Thanks for the correction, Andriana, I've fixed it on the post! Gorgeous photo, thanks for allowing me to share!


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