Monday, July 27, 2015

Music Mondays: Marina and the Diamonds "Primadonna"

My last week was spent driving through scenic Seattle and, more specifically, the lush Whidbey Island for a friend's wedding. And what happened to be playing on an energetic cycle the entire time? That would be Marina and the Diamonds! The Welsh singer (whose real name is Marina Diamandis) has been around for a decade now, and while I've hear her songs sporadically over the years, it's the tracks from her 2012 album Electra Heart that made my ears perk up.

While any of the songs on this album warrant praise, today's selection is "Primadonna," a delicious, infectious gem. Enjoy, and maybe even speak a peak at the whole album... it's worth a listen!

Artist: Marina and the Diamonds
Song: "Primadonna" | download
Album: Electra Heart

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