Monday, July 20, 2015

Music Mondays: Amy Winehouse "Back To Black"

Have you seen the new Amy Winehouse documentary? My review is forthcoming (expect it later today!), and regardless of your feelings about the film, it's hard to deny that Amy was indeed a powerful lyricist and jazz singer. I'd listened to her relatively idly over the past decade, but her music has been cycling on repeat in my head since I walked out of that theater last week. The more you know, the harder the music and the artist's untimely death hits.

So in honor of Amy Winehouse, whose music truly speaks for itself—who needs an autobiography when you have Back to Black?—the titular track of her second studio album is today's music selection. RIP Amy. xx

Artist: Amy Winehouse
Song: "Back to Black" | download
Album: Back to Black

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