Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Cleveland Christmas

It feels odd to be talking about this already, considering Halloween is only just upon us; but as the months tick down, I realize it's becoming crucial to start planning for all those holiday travels.

Me? I'll be spending my Christmas vacation in the lovely metropolis of Cleveland, OH. It might sound like I'm saying this in a less than enthusiastic tone. Truth is, I'm pretty ecstatic about visiting Cleveland—it's my boyfriend's hometown and a place I've never been! I am, however, less than enthused about the travel bit of it.

I've never had a problem with flying. I actually really like it. But it's been many, many years since I was one of the millions of masses boarding a plane to visit extended family at the holidays. My travels always included me, my pets, and a pile of dirty laundry, all packed into my comfy [private] car on the drive from LA to San Francisco. Easy-peasy.

Not this year. This year, I'll be having a much colder Christmas. And I have been warned that my California blood can't possibly prepare for the chill coming off of Lake Eerie that time of year. Oh, and don't even get me started on forking over $700+ for a round-trip plane ticket... my mouse is hovering over that "purchase" button this very moment. It's a click that'll sting a bit.

Okay. I might have some hesitations. So tell me friends: aside from visiting the Christmas Story House Museum—what is there that I shouldn't miss while in the lovely city of Cleveland? My itinerary planning starts... now.

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  1. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ... there's a must see! You can tell us all about it ... Dad


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