Friday, October 10, 2014

Paint Me a Lady

Lately, one thing that has been endlessly on my mind is tattoos. Beautiful and fine-lined.

I got my first one back in winter 2011. It's small, just black lines on my left wrist, that form my sister's name: Stacy (she has my name on her right wrist, fyi—go twins!)

Since then, I've been obsessing over what my next piece would be: the bust of a classic, 40's-style woman; flowing hair, colorful flowers, and a sultry, bedroom-eye gaze. I could see it so clearly... yet still had no idea what she would really look like.

I love classic pin-up tattoos, and always wanted my own take on one. There is something so stunning about a lady in full glam, and considering my vision, I knew I couldn't just walk into any parlor, pick any artist, and sit down in their chair expecting perfection. It's taken almost 3 years, but my wait is finally over. With the help of my sister, I found an artist that speaks to everything I could have ever imagined, and then some.

This weekend, I make a quick trek back up north to the Bay, where I will finally—finally—make my vision a reality.

For a second tattoo, I'm nervous about how big it will be. But I have no hesitation. In fact, I can't barely contain myself! Next week, I hope to share with you more details about the who, what, and where of it all. Until then, wish me luck!

Have a wonderful weekend, all! xx

{vintage image of 50's tattoo enthusiast, Pam Nash, adding to her extensive body art - via The Daily Mail}

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