Monday, October 20, 2014

Music Mondays: Angus & Julia Stone "A Heartbreak"

I write this from my Vegas vacation spot, just off the Strip. A low-key trip gives way to a low-key Music Monday. This song, "A Heartbreak" by Angus & Julia Stone, has a strangely appropriate desert-love vibe, which couldn't be more fitting for this Nevada locale.

Short and simple, with a pulsing thump of the drums. Taken from the Australian brother-sister duo's self-titled LP, released this past August, "A Heartbreak" is unexpectedly catchy. I didn't think I'd remember the song 5 minutes after hearing it, but found myself humming and murmuring its lyrics the entire day. It's about time we featured some good old bluesy-folk on this here blog.

I return from this much-needed, long weekend getaway tomorrow with more blogging goodies to share. Have a happy Monday!

Artist: Angus & Julia Stone
Song: "A Heartbreak" | download | stream
Album: Angus & Julia Stone

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