Friday, October 3, 2014

Wares & Things: Confetti Riot

Look at these lovely hand stamped tea towels from Confetti Riot (found via The Dainty Squid).

My sister has a theory that there is one thing you can't have too many of: tea towels. More specifically, in the kitchen, ready and available wherever you turn. And the difference between tea towels and dish towels, in this day and age, is negligible. Sure, tea towels may not be as absorbent, but they're certainly more beautiful and delicate—all while taking up less space in the towel drawer.

These, in particular, have the most adorable block stamped patterns. The artist and maker, Kathryn, puts them on everything, from the tea towels to pillows to pursues. Her shop is based in Oklahoma, and I'm kinda sorta loving her Instagram right now.

Considering the state of my current dingy dish towels, it might be time for an upgrade. Which pattern is your favorite? I can't decide between the cactus or the rising sun!

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