Sunday, October 26, 2014

Project Cross Stitch: The Skin

I realize it's been two weeks since my last update on this project. The reason being... it was kind of hard to post a picture and really see a difference.

I began working on the face, which is a barely visible white. I predicted I could pound through it and move on to more vibrant colors in less than a week, but that turned out to not be the case. Thankfully, two weeks turned out to be enough time, and I'm happy to say she's feeling significantly more complete. The skin (the face and neck) was a large chunk of what I have left to do, and I knew I didn't want to wait until the end to tackle it.

I also managed to sneak a new color in there (some canary yellow), which is only a fraction done in this update.

A little note about finding mistakes: There were several stitches I came across while stitching the white that were... let's just say "f*cked up," for lack of a better phrase. Moments of panic and then denial and then acceptance would set in. How the hell am I going to undo all of this?!? I'd stammer. Nope, not gonna, nope, and then inevitably... Ugh, fine.

It's difficult to accept you made stupid mistakes, but alas, there is no doubt you will at some point in your project. You have two options: (1) set aside time to do a bit of back-tracking, undoing, and re-doing in order to make it picture perfect, or (2) embrace the mistake as an acceptable blemish on your work, leave it be, and move on.

For me, I'm finding that I can do both. Trying a new hobby means navigating that learning curve, yes, but it also means figuring out within yourself exactly what "end product" is acceptable to you. And I realize now, over these last few months of stitching that I am no perfectionist. In fact, I can get over mistakes pretty easily (once I stop berating myself for doing it in the first place), and embrace that final cross stitched picture may be a tad flawed.

When you can avoid getting discouraged, it certainly makes it easier to keep that hobby going strong.

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