Friday, October 10, 2014

Dogtown Dogs

Another day, another food truck! It's been over a month since I wrote any LA food-related posts. Mostly because I was stuck on a pretty intense and strict diet (I'd complain about how I'd been separated from all my favorite things, but I lost 9 lbs, so I really can't say anything bad about it! More on that later...)

However, now that the diet is over, I don't have to escape the building when the varying Wednesday food trucks arrive at my place of business. A this week, it was Dogtown Dogs who graced our lot!

I've had this truck before. It has a frequent presence at all the Los Angeles outdoor movie events (Eat|See|Hear, Street Food Cinema, you name it!) Considering my love of all things hot dog, it's not a surprise to anyone that even with an endless array of gourmet foodie truck options in LA... I always gravitate towards the dog.

Just like every other time, when the truck arrived in our West Hollywood lot this past Wednesday, I didn't resist it's pull. Every dog on the menu is unique in flavor—and presentation.

Their formula is simple: All beef dogs with fresh, local ingredients (some wrapped in bacon!), and a sprinkling of their signature tots for good measure. [You can also purchase a variety of tots on the side, but trying to be good in my post-diet choices, I opted for dog-only.]

I dare you to look at the Dogtown menu and not immediately begin to salivate. Every dog is like a salty, edible work of art. This time around, I chose my favorite of the bunch: the Spicy Angeleno (pictured below-top; $6-). This is Dogtown's take on the infamous L.A. Street Dog. Bacon-wrapped with spicy pico de gallo, it's the salted fried slices of jalapeƱo that set this dog apart from it's street dog roots. Highly recommend this as a first pick if you happen upon the truck.

Most of my workmates, however, chose a different dog from the menu: the California Dog (pictured above-bottom; $6-). This is quintessential California; like a salad on a bun. Arugula, basil aoili, vinaigrette, avocado and bell peppers, it only departs from the healthy and fresh fare with the crunchy toppings: fried onion strings and, of course, a couple tots. This has a very opposite taste compared to the Spicy Angeleno. Since it's not bacon wrapped, it's incredibly light—which makes it particularly guilt-free!

I still haven't tasted all the dogs that Dogtown makes. Their signature dog, aptly named the Dogtown Dog (not pictured; $5-), might be their most unique; which makes it not for everyone. I had this one earlier this summer at a Street Food Cinema screening of Ghostbusters, and while it was a perfectly constructed dog, the flavors weren't for me. I've learned over the years that fennel doesn't agree with my palette, so combined with gourmet whole grain dijon mustard (which I normally love), it has a very powerful kick.

If you love fennel straws and mustard, I can't recommend the truck's namesake dog enough. It would be unlike any dog you've ever had, that's for sure! But for me, I plan to stick to the Angeleno or maybe try the Morning Commute next!

Follow the Dogtown Dogs truck on Twitter for updates on where they'll be around the city on a daily basis. If you're in Los Angeles, you won't regret hitting them up.

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