Monday, October 27, 2014

Music Mondays: Robyn "Call Your Girlfriend" + Parody

Last night, I spent longer than I'd like to admit listening to Taylor Swift's new song, "Welcome to New York" on tireless repeat... I almost considered posting it for Music Monday. But only for a second. What I realized I liked so much about it was that it reminded me a bit of one of my favorite artists, Robyn. Except Robyn is a million times better (IMHO).

She has a dozen songs I'd be proud to post here today, but the one that popped into my head is one that I spent quite a bit of time laughing about recently. "Call Your Girlfriend" and its amazing video, which was parodied (i.e. paid homage to by a loving fan??) a few years back in a video posted by Taran Killam (behind the scenes of Saturday Night Live).

The original video is pretty memorable, and Robyn does this weird, addictive dance choreography (that she also does perfectly on stage, by the way)—it's no surprise that someone as hysterical as Taran would absolutely slay these dance moves! Probably my favorite thing about the above video is the side-by-side, which shows just how... good Taran actually is! He clearly loves the video, the dance, and Robyn. My second favorite thing is that he decided to do the dance in the smallest possible writers' room, surrounded by all of his [patient and helpful] cast members.

So take a break from listening to the new Taylor Swift album (I know it's addictive, okay!), and listen to the true genius that is Robyn. And have a laugh with Taran, too.

Artist: Robyn
Song: "Call Your Girlfriend" | download | stream
Album: Body Talk

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