Monday, October 13, 2014

Project Cross Stitch: Red & Teal

Now that this cross stitch is moving away from showcasing any one section, but rather highlighting with new and vibrant colors, I'm trying to complete (at least) two of the 48 remaining colors per week.

This week: Red and Teal.

These two colors are significant stand-outs in the final cross stitch, so I was immediately drawn to them. It's so lovely seeing a spattering of color in there—the little filigrees in her hair are taking shape. It's daunting to think about the expanse of browns that will work their way into the hair down the line... I may have to put those off for the time being. Maybe a bit too boring right now? The blues and yellows and reds are just more fun!

Though you might be able to see that I started working on her face this weekend (which is, of course, a barely visible white), filled in only above the eye so far. The white consists of a large number of stitches, and may take a full week (or two) to complete. But I hope to power through it quickly, even though my sewing arm is a bit sore these days (more on that tomorrow!)

Even though filling in the color is bringing to light some previous mistakes (like the 30+ black stitches I had to take out and redo because they were off by one row), it's teaching me to suck it up, get over my annoyance at myself—then work my hardest to fix them.

Thanks for checking in on this humble weekly update!

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