Monday, November 24, 2014

Music Mondays: Taylor Swift "Blank Space"

You didn't think I'd go forever without featuring a T. Swift song, didja? I just couldn't help it. Ms. Taylor Swift's new single, "Blank Space," off her 1989 album, has a delicious video that is both silly and psychotic.

First, the song didn't originally stand out to me. I thought it was kinda vapid--but apparently, that's the point! Now whenever I listen to it, I kinda can't help but chortle. The video is its perfect companion. Aside from the actual 'story,' I'm really just obsessed with Taylor's Grace Kelly-esque glamour. The dresses are simply to die for, and the setting is very modern-Brideshead Revisited.

Delighted, delighted, what a great video. Even if just because we get to see Taylor take a golf club and go to town on a vintage Shelby Cobra, even if it was all special effects. It looks pretty damn real! Just watch the video and ignore all the side-attempts at commercialism (AmEx companion app, what??)

We may not all need another Taylor song stuck in our heads, but you know you love it. Enjoy!

Artist: Taylor Swift
Song: "Blank Space" | download
Album: 1989
Directed By: Joseph Kahn

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