Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Saying Goodbye to a Mentor

Today, I part ways with an amazing mentor. I have a job that I love (something separate from writing and blogging), where I have grown a lot over the past two years. I attribute that growth to this person. They taught me so much about business, about my capabilities, and gave me support to actually contribute and grow. Today, he moves on to another company, off to mentor and lead other people who need his guidance.

Admittedly, I'm having a little trouble letting go. It's getting me all emotional and stuff. For everyone else here at the office, it's another co-worker moving on for personal and/or financial reasons—but for me, it's a person I look up to (and depend on?) unlatching my training wheels and asking me to peddle as hard and fast as I can. Come Monday, I will be navigating alone.

Kinda sappy, huh? I don't mean it to be. But it does feel like a daunting task, navigating all this alone. I know it is necessary. I mean, he told me it was. It will only be scary at first—and then it will become normal. Like a kid being left home alone for the first time. The nerves, the uncertainty; the panic when the phone rings and you realize no one is there to answer it but you. Maybe you let it ring and ring and ring without picking it up—only a few times though, and then you get up the nerve, and it's never scary again.

I just want it to get to that 'not scary' part. The part in between... all that uncertainty... it's scary. I'm not too proud to admit that I'm a bit scared at the prospect. I just know that I'll be okay, because he taught me well. I'm lucky to have been under his tutelage, and I hope our paths across again.

{photo via Martin Kenny}

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