Sunday, November 9, 2014

Wannabe Shutterbug

I finally pulled the trigger and bought a camera. A real camera. Not my phone with some editing app—an actual camera with a detachable lens and all the bells and whistles.

Well, not all the bells and whistles. Let's be honest: I don't really know the first thing about photography. Buying a $200 body with a $600 lens right off the bat would be bonkers. I wouldn't even know where to begin! So I opted for something a little less flashy, but a whole lot more portable. A Panasonic Lumix DMC-G43K.

It's got a really easy to use digital display, and it came with everything I need to play around. After some trial and error when I first pulled it out, I learned really quickly that while the automatic focus may be easier, it certainly isn't better. So the manual focus is my new best friend.

It's a compact system camera body, so less intense than a full DSLR, which are a bit intimidating to me. The lens is a basic 14mm-42mm, and not a pancake, which would have similar specs but be flatter and less bulky. If I plan on carrying this around in my purse everywhere, I might decide the pancake is the way to go.

My only goal right now is to practice. Figure out not just how to shoot, but what kinds of things I'm interested in shooting. I figured I might use this space to post some randoms as I figure out my photography groove. A tiny investment on a camera upfront, and I can see what all the fuss is about; and if I take to it at all.

My parents were in town this weekend, my mom for the first time since John and I moved into our new place. My camera had just arrived, as well, so of course, it started making appearances whenever we were sitting down together—usually over food, 'cause duh.

Oh, and the boyfriend is now my new favorite subject. So patient, this one, as we waited in line for Saturday BBQ at Burbank's Handy Market.

I lied. My favorite thing to take pictures of is food and drinks. They're easy because they stay in one spot—essential when you're trying to keep your pictures from being all blur. Some blur, maybe, but not all blur. A few shots from this morning's brunch at The Local Peasant.

^that right there is my mama's Bloody Mary concoction. She's a master of presentation.

Hobbes cat! The only pet of ours willing to sit still for a glamour shot.

He looks so happy to be bothered, doesn't he? He always finds his light.

Other than point, focus, and shoot, I don't really know how to do much else. Daytime and nighttime and natural filters, sigh... So many options, it's gonna take a lot longer for me to figure out which to use and when.

But that's okay. I'm just excited to be trying something new. Another potential hobby to explore.

Happy Sunday, folks!

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