Friday, November 7, 2014

Haute Burger Truck

I had an incredible burger yesterday, you guys.

It came into my place of business via the Haute Burger Truck, based here in the City of Angels. They describe themselves as a mix between 'classy' and 'trashy,' which is actually a pretty accurate description of their menu. The moment I saw it, I knew that my microwaveable meal from home just wasn't gonna cut it.

There were a lot more options than I expected (since food trucks usually need to have a limited and maintainable menu), and the ingredients were pretty impressive!

Most people chose the Porc Chic, which included a pork patty and two massive slices of pork belly. Yowza! Can you believe that sucker?? Oh, and I can't forget the pretzel bun, blackberry mustard, and the habaƱero sauce. It's the reason I almost went with that option, along with the rest of my co-workers.

See what I'm saying? As people began carrying theirs out of the pick up window, I almost regretted my decision to instead opt for the truck's specialty and namesake, the Haute Burger.

But when I saw that branded HB on a warm fluffy bun... I took back all those traitor thoughts.

And what is that right there? A side of brussel sprouts? These aren't just any old brussel sprouts. These were Brussel Frites, lightly fried and sweetly crispy. They come with a slight drizzle of a sauce of your choice, and I of course decided on the Sriracha Aioli. I can't resist Sriracha OR Aioli... put them together, and it makes perfection.

My only complaint about the Brussel Frites was that the sprouts on the bottom of the massive serving were swimming in more oil than I'd like. A little shake coming out of the fryer would have completely changed the last few bites. And while I might have one qualm with the otherwise delicious side, I have no complaints about the main course.

The burger was stacked high with onions, jalapeno cheddar cheese, pickles, Sriracha Aioli, tomatoes and the world's tastiest bacon (ignore my hyperbole). These guys sure know how to do pork right! Did I mention the pork on pork belly burger?

I highly recommend tracking these guys down, and I'm already on a mission to try every other sandwich on their menu. They take great care in constructing their towering burgers, and the presentation is just an added bonus. I almost felt bad biting into it. OK, no, not really, I was salivating taking these pictures.

If you're in the Los Angeles area, follow the truck on Twitter to find out where they'll be next!

Aren't you hungry now?

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