Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bijou Park, South Lake Tahoe

Yesterday was spent coming back down to Los Angeles from the sweet, mountain air of South Lake Tahoe. This weekend excursion to the Sierra Nevadas was a gift from my incredible friend Cassie, who—legitimately—won a sweepstakes for herself and 10+ friends to enjoy a cabin in Tahoe, for free!

Yeah, one of those sweepstakes you hear about other people winning, but never believe you ever could. I felt honored to be included in her selected group, so John and I made the looooooong trek from LA to meet up with everyone at our new, temporary digs.

It may not come as a shock to anyone that knows me that I barely remembered even having a camera while lounging about lazily in the cabin. Only when a handful of us came up for air from our hot-tubbing, gaming, boozing fun did I think "Maybe I should capture some of this?"

Not a mile away from our cabin was the expansive Bijou Community Park where the boys insisted on wilderness-ing it up a bit—for them that meant hurling a Frisbee around. No, wait, I'm sorry. A golf disc.

While the boys tossed the discs around, I jumped around on all the stumps and fallen pines, acting a fool. And taking pictures, of course! New camera means testing out all the features—and failing 98% of the time. Why do moving people have to be so blurry?

We trudged through the mountains of pine needles and pine cones, tackling "holes" 10 through 27. The weather report for the weekend had predicted snow, but there wasn't a snowflake to be seen. The crispness in the air suggests some white is just on the horizon, though not in store for our trip, sadly.

Normally I would have been happy to partake in trying to fling around a golf disc. John introduced me to what I considered a silly sport when we first started dating, though my mind has changed a bit. It's pretty fun! When it's frigid cold, however, my little fingers want nothing more than to hide inside the arms of my sweater. Because gloves? Who from Southern California even thinks about gloves?

Sooo I just continued to bug everyone by making them stop moving so they'd actually show up in my pictures. I'm sure they appreciated that, right? I also got distracted by pine cones. Lots and LOTS of pine cones, that appeared seemingly everywhere.

Really, though, I was the guys' biggest cheerleader, commending them for not accidentally throwing the disc straight up into the air or directly into the ground—like me. Or telling them "It happens to everyone," when they inevitably did.

The weekend was altogether too short, too long, and fully revitalizing. I got to take the time to visit with good friends who I don't get to see often enough.  I wish I had more pictures to share, especially of the super-sized cabin, but considering the constant "pajama state" the group was in, it may have been for the best.

Now, back to reality.

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