Thursday, August 28, 2014

Baby's Badass Burgers

Something Los Angeles does so right is food trucks. Don't believe me? Just check out any number of Best of the Best lists, and you'll usually see LA trucks represented in spades. (This doesn't discount the amazing fare in Brooklyn or Austin or Chicago! I'm just biased, you see).

And at my day job in West Hollywood, we're lucky enough to get different food trucks in our parking lot, serving up a variety of fresh and delicious options, every Wednesday. This week? It was Baby's Badass Burgers. And this pink babe had a plethora of juicy burgers to choose from.

I even took a break from my self-imposed "trying to eat better/not as much" approach to mid-day meals. Because, you guys.... Just look at these? My left-overs in the fridge just could not a hold a candle - to the sight OR the smell!

Since John and I work together, we made sure to get different ones (and he begrudgingly let me photograph his before I let him start chowing down) -- hardly different from most of our meals together.  He got The Good Wife (bacon & a fried egg w/ special spicy sauce, below-top), and I got the Original Beauty (below-bottom) -- their classic burger with Swiss, grilled onions, mushrooms, and of course, their special sauce.

These babies are juicy! And they don't skimp on the size of the patty - they were thick, and unlike many trucks I've tried, weren't overcooked.  Just the perfect Medium Rare/Medium (for me). With a side of their crispy curly fries, I was one happy eater.

I also may have gone back to work in a slight food coma, but I think it was mighty worth it. Have any of you Angelenos tried Baby's Badass Burgers? Which burger is your favorite?

Follow them on Twitter to find out where they'll be next (apparently they have trucks all over SoCal, and even one in Florida!), so be sure to check out their menu here.

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