Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wares & Things: Coriumi Handmade

handbags, pouches & coin purses | Coriumi Handmade

My twin sister, Stacy, recently got married, and I was lucky enough to be the Maid of Honor. It was by far the most breathtaking wedding I've ever attended, and I was honored to stand up alongside she and her fiancee [now husband].

The morning of the wedding, prior to the ceremony, Stacy gave myself and her other bridesmaids (my dear friends Cassie and Jessie) a handbag, full of "must have" essentials for the evening. Lipstick, lipbalm, mints, kleenex, etc. But what caught my eye was not the contents of the bag, but the bag itself.

Ever the brilliant shopper, Stacy had discovered an incredible shop online that specialized in handmade, screenprinted bags. So I felt compelled to feature them on my blog today. Coriumi Handmade is based in Lithuania, of all places, and the bag I received was a waxed linen, with leather base. They all have amazing geometric prints or metal detailing, and the colors are so vibrant, it makes it nearly impossible to decide on a style.

There are certainly some leather screenprinted bags available in her shop now that I am just drooling over. Who couldn't use a unique and gorgeous handbag for a day out and about? Perfect gift for a girlfriend - or yourself!

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  1. I love her bags so much, and so happy you liked yours as well! I've used mine quite a bit, and the quality is so good.

    I forget which one I got you, but the one I got myself is on the top right! x


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