Sunday, August 24, 2014

Project Cross Stitch: The Rose

I've had the most fun this week getting started on the cross stitch that I got last Friday. It's really starting to... look like something, right? There is the merest hint of a rose in there.

Since I'm trying to focus on the blue-black outlining/highlighting first (it is by far the most used color), it's not too colorful right now -- but once this is done, there are 35 other colored threads to use. I... I can't even begin to think about that now. A bit overwhelming!

But it's been amazing working with my hands to make something again. And we just completed marathoning the TV show "Veronica Mars" + Veronica Mars the Movie this week -- it was John's first time watching the series in its entirety, and my third.

I look forward to posting the progress for this over the coming weeks. It'll also hold me accountable and keep me from putting it in a drawer and not picking it up for 10 months! I know we have all experienced that, right?

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