Friday, August 29, 2014

Caricature Bridal Shower Gifts

Today, as we go into the holiday weekend here in the States, I'm sitting in my parents' new home in San Jose for a short, but necessary, vacation. Tomorrow, I get to visit my newly married sister and her husband in their new home in Livermore, CA (wine country!)  

This got me thinking about how just a few short months ago, we gathered for her incredible bridal shower, and our friend and the Matron of Honor, Cassie, had the best idea for parting shower gifts!

Caricatures. Gorgeous and silly and fun, they were such a huge hit at the party, and everyone got to walk away with something unique and personal. A great idea, huh? Our artist was Edgar Ochoa, who could not have been more patient with 18 women bandying for a place in the chair.

Check out these pictures I posted back in May on Instagram -- they just bring me a lot of smiles. Have a wonderful Friday, all -- and if you're in the US, extended Labor Day weekend!


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  1. These Caricature Bridal Shower Gifts are so fun. What an amazing idea you have provided for my sister’s bridal shower. She will have funky wedding party at most beautiful Malibu wedding venues so I think these funky gifts would be perfect for her showers.


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