Saturday, August 2, 2014

Blue Storm Afternoon

Muse - Blue Storm Afternoon
I finally started the process of decorating our master bedroom.  It's been 2 months exactly since we moved in, and I hadn't hung a thing on the walls in there. Which, as you may know, is really rare for me.  

I also, admittedly, caved and purchased a gorgeous and sexy piece of art from Rockets Are Red - something I stated previously that I was going to try not to do.  Just couldn't help it. She's just so beautiful, isn't she?

Titled Muse - Blue Storm Afternoon, it really is a combination of so many things that I love.  Books, music, tattoos, and beautiful ladies. Lounging around lazily is also a favorite.  She now resides right next to my side of the bed, and I'm elated that she's the first piece in our room.  

But she wasn't the only thing that came in the package.  As a special promotion - unbeknownst to me at the time of purchase - Rockets Are Red was including a bonus 8x10 original art print with every order.  For free!

Artist Jeffrey Everett is now going to be all over my apartment.  I'm still waiting on the Let the Right One In print from Gallery 1988, which will go over the entertainment center once I get the go-ahead to pick it up from the gallery.

Boy, I might just be running out of wall space!

So... where do you think this little beauty should go?

Unnamed 8x10 print | via

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