Monday, August 25, 2014

Music Mondays: HAIM "If I Could Change Your Mind"

I'm a huge fan of Kitten (the band). And every time I see "like" recommendations, I can't avoid the suggestion that I would love the band HAIM, as well. Without fail, they seem to link together, stylistically.

I didn't fully agree. And I couldn't say I was a big fan of Haim's music, after just a couple of listens. This group, consisting of three sisters (Este, Danielle, & Alana), took some time for me to get used to -- maybe I wasn't really listening to what they were all about?

After seeing this video, I've developed a deep love for the simple, throwback video approach to their song "If I Could Change Your Mind." And that choreography is just dynamite. Every song on their debut album, I'm realizing, offers the same delight.

It's like Wilson Phillips and early Madonna had babies and they grew up to be the Haim sisters. With a combination of singable vocals, catching hooks, and 80s beats, I have to say that now, I'm a convert.

Artist: HAIM
Song:  "If I Could Change Your Mind" | download | stream
Record:  Days Are Gone
Directed By:  Warren Fu

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