Thursday, August 14, 2014

Food & Lib: The Hudson

On the corner of Crescent Heights & Santa Monica Blvd sits one of my favorite places for after-work drinks and appetizers. The Hudson, open beginning at 4 PM every weekday (10 AM on Sat/Sun for brunch), has a small but perfectly satisfying menu that certainly has something for everyone.

The building is beautiful, with large windows that open up to let in the setting sun. Diners are bathed in light, and the trolley car-style eatery was built around two massive trees -- which just happen to be coming right in through the floor of the dining room!

I haven't ever been here after 8 PM -- though it's in a great location with plenty of "free after 6 PM" parking, so late night drinks and snacks should certainly be just as stellar as Happy Hour. Even strolling over after drinks at Laurel Hardware would make for a fun evening.

The first time I came to The Hudson, I ordered the Mussel Frites (pictured below; $13) off of their Shared appetizer menu, and have made it a point to order it each visit ever since. I had never had mussels before! Can you believe it? Something about them scared me, but maybe it was the pile of garlic fry deliciousness on top that made them a bit less frightening. 

Can I just tell you, go and order this dish. This is the perfect size app for two people, and the mussels are always plump and tender -- with plenty of flavor. The broth is light and salty, and oh so scrumptious. We even bought an extra order of fries to dip in the sauce just so we wouldn't waste any of it!

Whenever we come with friends, there is only one thing that everyone orders:  the mac & cheese.  More specifically, the Jalapeño Mac & Cheese (pictured below; $9). More often than not, fancy gourmet mac & cheese always ends up making me feel 'blah'. While yummy, the cheese is normally SO HEAVY and thick that it doesn't make it worth eating.

Not at The Hudson. The cheese is light and creamy, the bread crumbs are flaky (Parmesan!) and crunchy, and the jalapeño? ... just, forget about it. Perfect amount of kick, not over-powering. A great dish for someone "afraid of spicy" to take that first step into all that peppers have to offer.

The crock dish of macaroni isn't huge -- a significant appetizer (or small meal) for one person. But between two people, it goes pretty fast. For John and myself, getting both the mussels and the mac & cheese is a perfect pre-dinner combination.

Sometimes, we cave and decide to grab a full dinner. This time, we split a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich (pictured above, $13), which was essentially a Caprese chicken sandwich. It was delicious, and my first time ordering it. The entire thing is more than enough for two people to split it, though without the appetizers, it might be just the right amount of food for one.

I love coming here. At the 6 o'clock hour, it's rarely crowded, and John and I are often joined by other co-workers for drinks or apps -- which are some of my favorites in the area. It's wonderful for groups, and someplace I would recommend highly. Go check it out!

Place:  The Hudson
Neighborhood:  West Hollywood
Food:  Yes
Full Bar:  Yes

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