Monday, September 8, 2014

Joss Whedon x Gallery 1988

This past weekend, Gallery 1988 West opened their Joss Whedon-centric art show, the first exclusively "Joss"-themed event the Gallery has ever put on. All the work was inspired by Whedon's most famous movie and TV creations, including my favorite show of all time, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

After deciding to forego the opening night reception on Friday night, John and I hit the gallery up as they opened their doors Saturday morning. I knew that I would probably walk away with a print or two, and thankfully, we didn't wait until the weekend was over to go, since almost everything sold out by the end of the day Sunday (check their website for a full listing of the art showcased, and what is still for sale - it's worth a look!)

The small space had an array of pieces, many focusing on TV show "Firefly" and the 2012 film Cabin in the Woods (the Sugarplum Fairy was easily the most represented subject, with at least 6 different artist renderings.) The largest piece was a very spoiler-ific installation for Cabin, which included a mural on the actual gallery wall. John probably spent 30 minutes staring at just that.

There were also a handful of amazing "Buffy" paintings and mixed media works -- if I could have purchased all of them, I would have.

My only disappointment with the gallery show was that Joss' short-lived, but brilliant, TV show "Dollhouse" wasn't showcased at all (with the exception of one, partially related piece). How is that possible? I don't know, I just don't get it. Maybe these artist's just aren't as inspired by that show as I was. Too bad, but I can't lament for long.

Below are just a few of the pictures I took of the show. But if you're in the LA area, best go check it out for yourselves! The show is running now through September 27th.

If you're interested, you should check out the above [quick] video from Friday's opening night reception, where Joss HIMSELF showed up, as well as actor Seth Green (Oz!), and spoke with the gallery's owner.

And which ones did I end up walking away with? Two "Buffy" gems, of course. How could I resist the stunning Willow/Dark Willow piece, aptly titled "Bored Now" by Nan Lawson? (and check out her website, she's incredible.)

And don't get my started on the 'Fumigation Party' concert poster feat. Dingoes Ate My Baby, "Live at the Bronze" by Meagan Hyland. Fumigation Party for the win.

Lovely future additions to my wall, and I managed to snag both before they sold out!



  1. I think I commented on your instagram at the time, I should've asked if you could snag me a print of that Dingos poster. I covet it on a biblical scale.

    Love the photos! I particularly like the Cabin mural. So grood.

    1. I got #17 out of 20 on Saturday morning! By the time I saw your comment on IG when I posted that afternoon, I went to the website (where they had just put up everything to purchase), and it was already sold out. :( I tried so hard to grab you one once I knew you lurved it!

    2. That's so thoughtful! Hopefully the artist will do another series? Maybe? It's just so so excellent. At the very least I can come to your apartment and softly stroke it while whispering Buffy quotes.

  2. I'm a big fan of "Choices" -- the cabin you show up there.

    Too bad it's sold out, not that it would have mattered since it was $400!

    1. First words out of my mouth to John about that painting was "Stacy would love this." I hoped they had a print of it in stock, other than the $400 original, which sold during the opening reception, but none were being offered. It's definitely one of my favs too!


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