Saturday, September 20, 2014

Project Cross Stitch: The Profile

A quick update today to show off the epic progress I made on my cross stitch. A quiet week with nights curled up in front of the TV really paid off. Just look at how this beauty is turning out? The scissors were added for perspective, because you guys, she is huge!

It's funny to me that something I haven't done in years has brought me so much enjoyment. We really underestimate the importance of our hobbies the older we get, don't we? No? Maybe just me? Well then, I'm happy to report that my eyes are open.

When this project first started, I felt instantly overwhelmed -- and more than a little silly for investing money in a craft I wasn't even sure I could do. But now, looking at how this cross stitch is turning out, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't proud of myself. The stitching isn't flawless, and there have been innumerable mistakes along the way, with plenty of backtracking and stitching to pull out and re-do.

But I did this. I made this with my own hands. And coming from someone who isn't the most crafty person in the world, that's saying something.

I hope that whatever project you're working on, it's going well -- and if you're discouraged about it, don't be! Pick it back up and power through, because it's worth it to accomplish something just for you, no matter how small.

Happy Saturday!

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