Sunday, September 7, 2014

Project Cross Stitch: The Hair

You may have noticed I didn't post a status update last week for my little hobby project. Reason being that I didn't make much progress on it in week 3. Visiting my family for the long weekend didn't allow for much sitting around time, even though I brought it with the intention of doing just that.

I did, however, receive a very useful tool from my mother: a round sewing hoop. Boy, has it made this whole thing a heckuva lot easier! Once I returned home and embarked on week 4 of the cross stitch, I really managed to get a lot done.

As you can see, the hoop has really made its mark. No worries though, a little flattening at the end and it'll look good as new.

I'm also finding that I clutch the fabric, which makes it a bit wrinkly. The dimensions are pretty large, so whatever isn't inside the hoop needs to be folded down. Not terrible, but it makes getting a good picture difficult.

So... what do you think? That bottom section is coming together and showing off just a little bit of a hair flip. I love that you can see the tiny nooks where the pops of color are going to go -- I'm just eager to get there.

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