Monday, September 22, 2014

Music Mondays: CHVRCHES "Recover"

In honor of the concert I was lucky enough to attend this past Friday night, I wanted to share the video for CHVRCHES' "Recover" -- it includes footage of their touring and backstage shenanigans, which is a delight to watch. It's also John's favorite song of theirs.

Their live performance was like nothing I'd ever experienced. The venue, the Hollywood Paladium, isn't my favorite in LA, by far, but CHVRCHES had so much energy, the bass reverberated through my body until my hair follicles stood on end. I enjoyed every second of it (even when I was too short to see past the crowd onto the stage).

It's been exactly a year since their debut album, The Bones of What You Believe, was released, and it's a record that I adore fully and completely. If you haven't listened to this Scottish band before, you're missing out. Magical electro-pop.

Song: "Recover" | download stream
Album: The Bones of What You Believe

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