Monday, September 1, 2014

Music Mondays: The Platters "Only You (and You Alone)"

Being home with my family always makes me want to revisit the classics.  And since last week, I've been on a crazy doo-wop kick. Specifically, The Platters. While they went through quite the evolution (line-up-wise) over the 50's and 60's (on through today), their music has been an unwavering staple of the era -- showcased in film and TV for decades.

I remember hearing 1955's "Only You" (the above song & today's Music Monday selection) and "The Great Pretender" in American Graffiti when I was a kid, and I just thought it was the sexiest music of all time. And then I heard "Twilight Time" in an X-Files episode back in the 90's, and I thought it was the creepiest. So versatile, so hypnotic, so timeless.

Chances are, if you haven't heard of The Platters, you've still [unknowingly] heard nearly all of their songs. So take a listen, sit back, and enjoy this lovely Labor Day.

Artist:  The Platters
Song:  "Only You (and You Alone)" | download | stream
Record(s):  The Platters | The Fabulous Platters | The Best of...

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